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Say Cheese!!

Finally the much looked-for the Big Cheese Festival was here.  Placed in the shade of one of the most beautiful  Castle, in the town of Caerphilly, it indeed was an extravaganza of life, the cheese festival was full of activitiy from the beginning to the end, live history encapment, drama, music, and so much more. Yes ofcouse the cheese festival was about cheese, starting from cheese tasting to cooking  demonstrations  using  assortment of cheese.  It was indeed very exhilarating  to know so much about cheese, the diverse manufacturers, the unusual class of cheese.

With the sun shinning so bright and to make the more of the summer warmth I thought of making this cheese festival a perfect celebration.  Yes it had to be this vivacious, bursting with the fruity flavours of lemon, the lemon cheesecake.
So creamy, so comfortimg, with a hint of crunch this cheesecake is the ultimate pudding and whatmore other than it being so delectable it is so quick to make.  Absolutely naughty , and summery, this cake is a perfect treat!!

10 digestive biscuits,
500 gms mascrapone cheese,
200 gms castor sugar,
2 tbsp icing sugar,
1 tbsp honey,
75 gms butter,
Juice and zest of 1 lemon

Crush the biscuists nice and small, leave a few chunky bits. Melt the butter, and add the butter and honey to the crushed biscuits.
Brush the bottom of  23cm/9 inch springform tin with some of the melted butter and line the bottom with a greaseproof paper,
Tip in the biscuit mixture in the spring-form tin, using the back of a spoon, slowly push the crumbs from the center going towards the edges, until levelled  and smooth. This is the base for the cheesecake. Put the spring-form tin in the mixture while making the cheese filling.
Mix the mascarpone cheese with caster sugar, icing sugar, lemon juice and the zert until well combined. Spoon it on the biscuit base and set it in the fridge for atleast 4 hours.
Before serving, run a hot cloth around the cake tin for the cake to ease out.

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4 Expresso yourself!:

Nandita said...

It can't get better than this! absolutely delicious, melting ! What a treat is this... the cheese cake is yummilicious! wish I could have accompanied you to this cheese festival..never-the less I still get cheese cake!

IPS Khurana said...


chandni said...

thanks Inder!!!

Jyo said...

wowowoow its just awesome :) i m gonna visit u soon mafriend..ths is absolute treat to eyes..and i want to taste it :)))

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