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MasterChef or Apprentice: Welsh Cakes

A mishmash of Masterchef and Apprentice, a cooking challenge, where two squads, boys vs girls, where Lord Sugar is on the look for for the most excellent Welsh dish, what could I have done to prevail this? Welsh cakes of course!

Here’s the Welsh Cake recipe from The Glamorgan Apprentice video, so you know how to cook up these tasty traditional treats yourselves!


• 1 lb plain flour,
• 1 teaspoon baking powder,
• 1 pinch allspice,
• 1 pinch salt,
• 200g butter,
• 150g sugar,
• 100g seedless raisins,
• 2 eggs beaten,
• Few drops of milk to beat

1. Sift together the flour, baking powder, all spice and salt in a large bowl.

2. Rub in the butter till the time the dry ingredients with butter resemble breadcrumbs.

3. Add the beaten eggs to the mixture, with a few drops of milk to make a fairly stiff dough.

4. Roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface to a thickness of about 1/4 of an inch and cut into 2-inch rounds with a pastry cutter.

5. Cook on a well-greased griddle or a heavy based frying pan for about 3 minutes each side on a low flame until each side is golden brown.

6. Sprinkle with castor sugar and serve warm.

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2 Expresso yourself!:

IPS Khurana said...

yipeeee nice cake dear...its a fab...!!!

Nandita said...

Wow! it cant get better than this...I don't mind having welsh cakes for breakfast,lunch or dinner..Superb! are the chef!

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