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Mousse au Chocolat

We devotedly watch Come Dine with me everyday  and like watching how the four or five amateur host dinner for the rest of the contestents. It is so much excitement watching them deciding on diverse themes, unusual cusines, and I most enjoy loads of laughter to see them goof up with their food. It was on Friday when we were doing our daily custom and expressed to Lilies, I am waiting to cook a big ceremonial dinner soon and my wish got granted in next to no time, the next minute I heard Lilies saying, her family is coming down from London to visit us, and we taking them out for dinner. Could I have missed this occasion for a world? No ways! It took day and a half for me  to persuade Lilies  to cook a meal this Sunday but she wouldn’t consider, and when I decided to give up, Lilies changed her mind.
Yipeeee!!! We decided to go on a three course meal, with starters, main meal and the dessert. I was left to do the starters and rice for the main meal, and we both decided to work on the dessert jointly. I agree I am being biased but I totally find irresistible my Indian appetizers, to begin with onion bhajis, put in the samosas and make it whole with the tikis (potato and spinach frittiers).  The main meal was decided on pulav, naan and a lamb curry which evidently Lilies cooked. I took over the vegetarians bits.
With the assortment of cuisines for this meal, I couldn’t have missed on my French dessert -Mousse au Chocolat and to make a bit more complete we also decided to put in our Lemon Cheese cake.  The food curved out absolutely gorgeous and our guests enjoyed our  meal from different parts of the world. At the end of the feast we won the valuable smiles of our contented guests and blessings which will facilitate us everlastingly, not to talk about the motivation to organize such extensive meals over and over again.
300 ml/ 10fl oz single cream,
200 gm/7 oz dark chocolate,
2 eggs, lightly beatn,
White chocolate chips, to decorate.

You will need  a small saucepan, a whisk, a small mixing bowl, a flexible spatula and glass dishes to serve.

Bring the cream to a boil, over a low heat, add the chopped pieces of dark chocolate and keep mixing till the time the mixture becomes smooth and creamy with a silky texture.
Transfer this mixture to a mixing bowl and add in the eggs and keep whisking until the mixture is smooth again.
Pout it into the glass dishes. Cover it with clingfilm and allow it to set it for about 4 hours, Serve decorated with the white chocolate chips.
Notes from me: If dark chocolate is too bitter for you, you can take half and half of dark and milk chocolate.

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