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Rasberry Fool

Yesterday felt like the heart of summer to me. My friend Jane called and invited me for berry picking in her farms,  with her little terrier York Benji, any raison d'être I could have snubbed !

It was sunny and hot, and it took a while for me to wheedle Lilies to go berry-picking in Jane’s farms.  We visited different farms, a few miles away from where we live. The walk through her beautiful flowers, plums, apple trees and finally it was raspberries all around

The three of us filled our boxes in very little time, on a quiet, late evening as the sun headed toward the western horizon.  There was something so marvellously rewarding in the experience of picking, the just right raspberry, and its soft plumpness pulling off the centre like a sleeve and dipping into our hands. Four quarts of raspberries are now in our kitchen -- well, somewhat less than that, given the moderate eating that went on through our drive back home.

With raspberries all around, I would be a RASBERRY FOOL not to make a dessert out of it, raspberry fool??? Yes that’s it! This very old fashioned English recipe makes a great dessert, but I love having it as a super wake up breakfast indulgence.

200 gms fresh blackberries,
250 ml whipping cream,
2 tbsp icing sugar,
1/2 tsp lemon juice.

Tip the blackberries into the saucepan with the icing sugar and 1 tablespoon of water. over low heat, bring to simmer, stirring a few times. when they start looking juicy take off the heat.

Mash it lighly with a fork, to squeeze out all the juices then pour it over sieve into a container. Squeeze out as much juice to end up with a thin puree. Add the lemon juice. Let it cool down completely.

Whip the cream lighly in a seperate bowl, when the cream holds light peaks fold through half of the puree, until combined. Rippe through the remaining puree and spoon into glasses. Top with some whole blacberries and serve.

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2 Expresso yourself!:

Nandita said...

It simply beautiful, cooling and with such efforts of finding the perfect raspberries ..the fool had to taste so delicious and look so lovely !

IPS Khurana said...

i toooo will take taste it...;)

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